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School Security Planning: “K.I.S.S” (“Keep It Simple, Stupid!”)

School Security Planning: “K.I.S.S” (“Keep It Simple, Stupid!”)

Is the sheer volume of school safety and security policies, guidelines, and procedures overwhelming to you and your staff? Join the club.


COUNTABILITY is the first Real Time Incident Command System for Schools. It is a FEMA/NIMS-compliant communication system connected to a school’s Student Information System (e.g., PowerSchool). This connectivity to attendance and other information distinguishes the app from mere emergency alerts and 911 notification programs.

COUNTABILITY’S primary design concept is “simplicity for the user.”

For example, the feature that allows real time accountability of students during an incident is merely a checklist to the user’s eye. Easy to use. Simply click the student as present and instantly every other user—teachers, staff, administrators—can see which students are currently accounted for, and by whom, and at what time.

For more information about COUNTABILITY and how it can transform your School’s emergency preparedness procedures, contact us at [email protected].